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Import of exotic wood
Exo Trade Company Ltd., established in 2008, based on experience and long tradition of Egzopark sp.j. The company specializes in importing exotic wood from around the world, mainly from Asia, North and South America and Africa. As a company we strive for responsible forest management. We are a owner of EXOline brand - wooden flooring product line. We have a network of distributors offering our products.

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Exotic woods Exotic Woods

Natural style and elegance
The originality of "exotics" is above all, their colors, quite different from that which gives domestic species. With a rich palette of colors from various shades of brown, red, orange, yellow, and green, purple and black, created enormous possibilities of arranging the interior spaces. In addition, the unusual size of the elements, usually in the form of boards, allow you to create a more spacious interior and transparent.

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New species of wood - Exoline Deck
New species of wood flooring in the offer of EXOLINE: Tarrara Amarillo, Verdolago, Sucupira Bengalska

New species of wood - Exoline Deck
New species of wood flooring in the offer of EXOLINE: Eukaliptus, Morure, Manioquera

Wooden squares
The product on the basis of a special plastic with a thickness of 10 mm for quick assembly by means of special integrated tap.

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All companies and individuals interested in cooperation with our company, feel free to contact us. We will provide full information concerning our offer.

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See updated information about new products and wood species in our range.

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